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Ajoutez deux rouleaux impériaux ou une petite salade de mangue pour 3,00 $ ou les deux pour 5,00 $.

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03. Pad Kimao Spicy

Rice noodles in a soy sauce, sautéed with eggs, vegetables, Thai basil ...
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04. Pad Lanaa

Crispy wheat noodles sautéed with season's vegetables.
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09. Curry vert Spicy

Coconut milk with green chili peppers, Thai basil and mixed vegetables....
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05. Pad Kin

Sauté of vegetables and ginger. Served with rice.
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07. Pad Siew

Rice noodles sautéed in a soy sauce and vinegar with eggs, onions, soya ...
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01. Pad Kapao

Sautéed of season's vegetables and Thai basil. Served with rice.
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02. Pad Thai

Classical Thai dish of rice noodles with tamarind sauce, eggs, white radish,...
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06. Riz frit

Thai fried rice sautéed with eggs, scallions, onions, carrots, garlic, ...
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08. Curry rouge

Coconut milk, red chili peppers, thai basil and mixed vegetables. Served...